Our Programs

Our ability to meet the needs of the Harrisburg community have been seriously limited due to COVID restrictions.  We are doing our best to help them through this difficult time and truly appreciate the support we receive from our donors and volunteers.

Kids with a Future

Since 2009, we have offered programs that focused on the youth in Harrisburg. This program is not currently active because of the COVID restrictions.  Currently, we are working with the Community in Schools program to help during the school-day at Lamar-Milledge elementary by providing enrichment activities one day a week.  When this program is active, it offers an after-school program three days a week for 4th and 5th graders.  We offer one-on-one tutoring, life enrichment activities, cooking, dance classes, technology classes and leadership training.  Our goal is to offer active learning opportunities in a fun setting.  Sharing an evening meal with the kids gives us the setting for them to share their thoughts, dreams and ideas.

Boys with a Future

Boys With A Future (BWAF)  is an  after school program for inner city boys from the ages of 10 to 18 years old.  It provides a desperately needed safe place for them to gather with people who love them. Our mission is to help our boys learn how to function in a world outside of their neighborhood. BWAF began in October 2019.

Since we only have a few young men in the program right now, we are able to maintain social distancing protocols and help them with their academic needs.  We are looking forward to returning to our normal activities.

What We Offer

  • Physical Development

    We try to offer all sorts of physical activity including dance classes. Basketball is still the favorite.

  • Academic Support

    One of our main goals is to help ensure the young men will graduate from high school. Our participants in BWAF are critically below grade level in reading and math. We have a computer lab on site.

  • Evening Meals

    Our faithful volunteers and staff provide a delicious meal every night. This gives us the opportunity to share their thoughts, dreams, and ideas. Our generous donors provide enough food for the young men to take food home to their families.

  • Exposure to Arts & Culture

    We have music and art classes. The African drums class was a big hit.

  • Field Trips

    Our goal is to show these young men what the world outside of Harrisburg is like and expose them to culture. We've taken trips to The Nutcracker, a dress rehearsal for "Ragtime", A Christmas Carol, a Harlem Globetrotters game, and an Augusta University basketball game to name a few.

BWAF Creed

I am the dream of my ancestors.

I am why they prayed, why they worked from sunup to sundown and what they died for!

Therefore, nothing can stop me from reaching my goals.

I will let no one stand between me and my education.

The sky is the limit, and I WILL grow into my greatness.

My life is precious.

My brothers’ life is precious.

My life is important.

My brothers’ lives are important.

I am a child of God.